The Adventures of Poor Frank, Part LIV: The Importance of Twos and Threes



The Adventures of Poor Frank, Part LIV:  The Importance of Twos and Threes

By Ray Adams

Poor Frank and Janet were chatting about their favorite subject – bridge – at a cozy coffee house near the bridge center.

“Declarer had the Kxx of hearts,” Janet said.

“Janet, darling,” Frank said, “I wish you wouldn’t use x’s instead of the actual spot cards.”

“Oh, really, Frank,” she replied.  “Like it makes a difference if declarer has K42 or K43?”

“Let me tell you a story, sweetheart.  This is the hand.”



“South bid boldly,” Frank said, “and arrived in a 4♠ contract.  West led the king of clubs to South’s ace and declarer led a diamond.  West rose with the ace and exited with the queen of clubs.”

“Not the best defense,” Janet said.

“Yes, but that’s what West did.  Declarer ruffed in dummy, then threw a club on the king of diamonds.  The queen of diamonds was ruffed with East’s eight and overruffed with the nine.  Another club was ruffed in dummy.  East trumped the jack of diamonds with the queen and South overruffed with the ace.  Declarer ruffed his last club in dummy as West tossed a heart.”

“East ruffed the eight of diamonds with the ten.  This was overruffed by the jack, then West’s king.  The defense now had two tricks and West finally led a heart to his partner’s ace.  South took the heart return with his king and trumped his last heart in the dummy.  It all came down to trick thirteen.  South ruffed the last diamond with his two, but West overruffed with the three to set the contract!”

“Now what do you think of your x’s, Janet?  If South had held the three of spades, and West the two, the contract would have been made.”

“O.K., Frank, you made your point.  But let me tell you about this hand.  I had the king, ten, x, x, of spades…..”

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