The Adventures of Poor Frank, Part LXVIII: Janet and the Three of Diamonds


The Adventures of Poor Frank, Part LXVIII:  Janet and the Three of Diamonds

By Ray Adams

Janet was extremely excited as she ran up to Poor Frank before the big game at the local duplicate club on Saturday night.

“Look at this, Frank,” she said breathlessly as she handed him the following hand:


“I played with Ginny the other night when you had to work late.  This hand came up against Ace Banghor, the best player in the club – except for you, of course.”

She flashed Poor Frank a winning smile.

“I led the queen of clubs against 3.  Ace won the ace, then cashed the ace of spades, Next came a small spade to my king.”

“I led a small club to Ginny’s king.  She tried the queen of spades, hoping I could overruff the dummy.  But my three wasn’t up to it.  I tossed a heart as Ace trumped.  He then cashed the king and ace of hearts, leading another heart.  He had seen my jack so he ruffed with the nine of diamonds.  And, Frank, I didn’t overruff.  I pitched a club.  Aren’t you proud of me?”

Poor Frank beamed at Janet and patted her arm affectionately.  She was certainly becoming a top notch player.

“Next came the queen of diamonds to my king.  I led a low club so Ginny would ruff, and she did, with the eight.  Ace overtrumped with the ten.  He ruffed his last spade in dummy as I threw my last club.  And, now, Frank, the good part.”

Poor Frank loved seeing her excited and happy like this.

“He led a heart from dummy and ruffed with the two.  I overruffed with the three and my ace was the setting trick.  We had a cold top!  What do you think of that, Frank?”
Poor Frank thought briefly about saying, “Well, Janet, I see you finally learned the difference between a three and an x,” which would have been a reference to the days when she ignored small cards.  Instead, he lost himself in a frenzy of compliments on her sterling defense.  He realized how lucky he was that Janet had come into his life with all her earnestness and enthusiasm.  Somehow she had made bridge fun again.

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