The Adventures of Poor Frank, Part LXX: A Bad King


The Adventures of Poor Frank, Part LXX:  A Bad King

By Ray Adams

It was another exciting evening a the local duplicate.  Lucky Archie and Poor Frank were once again battling it out for first place.  Their fate would be decided by the following board:



After a very spirited auction in which all four suits were bid, Poor Frank became the declarer in a 5♣ contract.  West led the queen of hearts, taken by declarer’s ace.  A heart was returned to West’s jack.  West now tried to cash the ace of diamonds, but Poor Frank ruffed.  He then ruffed his last heart in dummy as West tossed a diamond.

Dummy’s nine of clubs was covered by Archie’s ten and Poor Frank’s queen won the trick.  He cashed the ace of clubs and threw Archie in with a club to his king.  Archie now viciously banged down his king of diamonds.  Poor Frank nodded his head and calmly ruffed.

Declarer now ran the rest of his clubs.  Dummy’s ten of diamonds had become a threat against West’s queen and West was squeezed.  When West shed two spades, dummy’s ten of spades took the eleventh and game-going trick.

“Archie, you bonehead,” West yelled across the table at his partner.  “That was very bad of you to play the king of diamonds.  If you had kept it, he couldn’t have squeezed me.”

“I didn’t think it mattered,” Archie replied.  “I mean, he was out of both red suits.”

But it had mattered and on this night at least, it seemed as though Lucky Archie had run out of luck.


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