The Adventures of Poor Frank, Part XCIII: Lucky Archie’s Great Play


The Adventures of Poor Frank, Part XCIII:  Lucky Archie’s Great Play

By Ray Adams

Just the other night, the local duplicate club was buzzing with talk about Lucky Archie’s great play.  It all happened on the following hand:



Even though he held only five spades, Poor Frank decided to open the auction with a weak 2♠ bid.  North raised him to game and West led the queen of diamonds.  Declarer took dummy’s ace, then worked on the clubs.  The top two were followed by a small club, won by Lucky Archie’s queen.

The Lucky One paused for thought and then made his great play.  He underled his top four hearts to his partner’s ten!  West was stunned to win the trick, but quickly put the jack of diamonds on the table, and Lucky Archie ruffed dummy’s king and smirked at Poor Frank as he did so.

The Lucky One then returned a trump.  Poor Frank won, drew another round, ruffed a heart in dummy and threw his losing diamond on a high club to claim his game.

“What a great play!” West said to Lucky Archie after the hand was over.  “You underled your ace, king, queen, and jack of hearts to get a ruff.”  Soon the entire studio was raving about Lucky Archie’s feat.  Unnoticed in all the talk was the fact that Poor Frank had made his game and won that evening’s laurels.

Poor Frank later said to Janet,”You know, sweetheart, if Lucky Archie had returned a high heart after his ruff, I would have gone down.  But that would have been two good plays in a row.”


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