The Adventures of Poor Frank, Part XCVII: Archie Gets One Back


The Adventures of Poor Frank, Part XCVII:  Archie Gets One Back

By Ray Adams

Lucky Archie was still smarting from Poor Frank’s recent dethroning of him in his role as the local Notrump King.  He had vowed to get revenge against his rival and had a chance when the following hand came up:



Lucky Archie reached 6NT on the auction shown above and Poor Frank led the eight of hearts.  The Lucky One really had no choice but to try the heart finesse immediately.  It lost and East returned a heart, taken in the closed hand.

As Lucky Archie studied the dummy, he was appalled at the duplication.  He could count only eleven tricks even if the club suit came home.  He tested clubs, happy when Poor Frank’s queen popped up on the second lead.  Still, he was one trick short.

It was clear to Lucky Archie that he deserved to get revenge on Poor Frank.  Everyone in the club knew he was the better player.  He had just gone down on one lousy well-defended notrump contract and the whole world had apparently turned against him.  His revenge would be every bit as sweet and delicious as mango-blueberry ice cream.  He smacked his lips at the thought.  But here he was on the verge of going down in a slam contract.

He sat and stared at the cards so long he developed a terrible headache.  But then he saw a solution.  And what a solution!  If Poor Frank had the queen and ten of diamonds, Lucky Archie would have his revenge and how sweet it would be!

He finished running the clubs by returning to hand with the seven.  He then led the jack of diamonds.  Poor Frank covered with the queen, won in dummy with the king.  So far, so good.  The Lucky One returned to hand with a high spade and led another diamond.  When Poor Frank played low, he inserted dummy’s nine.  He closed his eyes and when he opened them he saw he had won the trick.  Yes!!!  He had made this slam for a top board and gotten his revenge on Poor Frank.

“Well, how did that make you feel, Frankie baby?” he said to his rival.

“I never mind losing to a good player, Archie.  Congratulations.”

Lucky Archie turned to shake hands and acknowledge the adulation of the local bridge crowd.  That’s probably why he never heard the grisly sound of Poor Frank’s grinding teeth.

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