The Adventures of Team Porcupine, Part IX: Different Views, Different Results


The Adventures of Team Porcupine, Part IX:  Different Views, Different Results

By Ray Adams


Anyone who has played bridge for a while knows that hands frequently come up that may be viewed in as many ways as there are viewers.  And when Team Porcupine enters the picture, a bridge buff can always be certain that there will be a different view.



In the first auction above, Kowalski chose to make a takeout double of one heart rather than lose the

spade suit.  Obviously, he did this in an attempt to get Nograwowicz to play the hand.  It worked and his partner ended as declarer in four spades.  Of interest in this first auction is that neither side uncovered their minor suit fit.

The opponents defended well.  West led the ace of hearts and shifted to a club when East played the heart deuce.  East ruffed, cashed the king of hearts, and the defense later took the trump ace for minus 100 to Team Porcupine.

In the lower auction above, North chose to overcall two clubs and NS never discovered their spade fit.  Konejwicz revealed his diamond suit in this auction and the bidding soon got completely out of control.

The opponents can set six diamonds with a spade lead, but South chose not to lead away from the king/jack holding and tried the queen of clubs.  Konejwicz ruffed this, knocked out the ace of diamonds and soon claimed twelve tricks when hearts split 2-2.

This may have been a lucky result, but it turned out to be a 16 imp swing for Team Porcupine and was certainly a modest triumph for their unusual bidding views.

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