The Adventures of Team Porcupine, Part XII: Best Fit Depends on Who is Declaring


The Adventures of Team Porcupine, Part XII:  Best Fit Depends on Who is Declaring

By Ray Adams

 Many bridge buffs like to debate the question of whether it is better to play in a 6-1 or a

4-3 fit.  As far as Stanislaus Kowalski and Porczouk Nograwowicz of Team Porcupine are concerned, there is no debate.  Kowalski is always willing to let Nograwowicz play in the Moysian fit.


Kowalski’s three heart bid in the auction is hard to explain.  He later stated he was taking a preference.  However, a pass in this position would have been every bit as eloquent a preference.

Not surprisingly, Nograwowicz decided Kowalski actually had something for his three heart raise and went on to game with his 19 points.  When the dummy hit, Nograwowicz saw he could easily be in trouble.  West probably had the ace, king, and queen of clubs and the king of diamonds for the 1NT overcall.  The question was, did West hold the queen of hearts?  Declarer decided East had to hold this card or the contract was doomed.

West cashed the ace of clubs and declarer ruffed the club continuation.  He cashed the ace of diamonds, then advanced the jack of diamonds, sluffing a spade from dummy when West played low.  Another diamond was ruffed in dummy, West’s king dropping.  A heart was led and declarer played his jack when East followed low.  This held and the ace and king of hearts drew the rest of the trumps.

Nograwowicz now cashed his good diamonds and the ace of spades to claim eleven tricks and plus 650 for Team Porcupine.  At the other table, South had no trouble making three diamonds when the red suits broke 3-3.  this was an 11 imp swing for Team Porcupine and was instrumental in their winning this match.

Kowalski said after the hand was over that Nograwowicz was such a good declarer that he counted three points for his singleton and one point each for his trumps.  This helped him find the raise to three hearts.

“Who knows,” he said, “if I’d actually had any high card points, I would probably have bid slam.”


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