The Adventures of Poor Frank, Part CXXVI: Poor Frank’s Recurring Nightmare

The Adventures of Poor Frank, Part CXXVI:  Poor Frank’s Recurring Nightmare

By Ray Adams

PoorFrank had nightmares on four consecutive nights this past week.  Each time, he found himself on lead against the same six spade contract declared by Lucky Archie:


In the auction, 2 was a control bid, showing an ace or two kings.

The first night, Poor Frank led a trump, covered by the seven, jack and ace.  Lucky Archie now crossed to the eight of trumps. He tossed a small diamond on the ace of hearts.  He then took the club finesse, and when that suit broke 3-3, he had twelve tricks.  Poor Frank then woke up in an extremely agitated state and it was hours before he was able to drift back into the arms of Morpheus.

The next night, Poor Frank tried leading the nine of clubs.  This was covered by the ten, queen, and king.  After drawing trumps, Lucky Archie went to the eight of clubs, threw a diamond on the ace of hearts, and took the diamond finesse in an attempt at an overtrick.  This failed, but Lucky Archie still scored up his small slam.  Poor Frank awoke covered in a cold sweat.

The third night, Poor Frank tried a small diamond.  This went to the two, ten, and queen.  Declarer drew trumps, then cashed the ace of diamonds.  He then threw Poor Frank in with the king of diamonds.  Poor Frank now had to lead a club or a heart to allow his rival to score up the slam once again.  Poor Frank noticed in his dream that even if he had jettisoned his king of diamonds under the ace that Lucky Archie would still have made the contract with either a heart lead or by playing low on East’s club exit.  This time, Poor Frank woke up screaming.

The fourth night, Poor Frank tried a heart.  Declarer won dummy’s ace, pitching a small diamond.  He then took the club finesse, making the contract once again.  Poor Frank woke up with an uncontrollable twitch.

“How ironic,” Poor Frank said out loud when he had his senses back under control.  “Lucky Archie has no idea how to execute an endplay, but in my dreams he has me endplayed at trick one.”

Poor Frank was finally able to slip into a dreamless sleep after praying that his nightmare never turned into a reality.

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