The Adventures of Team Porcupine, Part XXXI: Partial to Partials

The Adventures of Team Porcupine, Part XXXI: Partial to Partials

By Ray Adams

Team Porcupine has proven time and time again that they will fight for every trick in a battle of the partials. The following hand is certainly no exception:

 At the table where Pas/Konejwicz were EW, North reached three hearts on the top auction given above. Konejwicz led a trump, won in dummy. Declarer took the ace of clubs and ruffed a club. He returned to hand with the ace of diamonds and ruffed a second club. When he led a low spade, Pas won his ten and led a heart, eliminating dummy’s last heart and establishing a club trick for Konejwicz. Declarer led a club, won by Konejwicz, who now led the ace of spades, ruffed by declarer. North, however, was able to draw Pas’ last trump and cash the long club. This was the ninth trick, so Team Porcupine was minus 140 at this table.

When Kowalski/Nograwowicz were NS, East decided to take another bid after Kowalski’s three heart call. This proved fatal when Nograwowicz doubled and produced a brutal defense. He led the singleton club, taken by Kowalski, who returned the two for a ruff. Nograwowicz led a diamond to partner’s ace and another club ruff was forthcoming. Nograwowicz now cashed the ace of hearts and led a heart to Kowalski’s king. Kowalski put yet another club on the table, and when East had to follow, Nograwowicz was able to overruff dummy with his queen of trumps.

Team Porcupine had taken the first seven tricks for down three and plus 800. This was a nice 12 imp gain for the team and helped them win this important match. It is hands like this which make fans of the Porcupines say that their team is “partial to partials.”

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