The Adventures of Poor Frank, Part CLXVII: A Goose and a Duck

The Adventures of Poor Frank, Part CLXVII: A Goose and a Duck

By Ray Adams

Another fateful hand decided the fate of Poor Frank and Lucky Archie the other night at the local duplicate club.


Poor Frank arrived in the par four spade contract and Archie led the jack of diamonds. Poor Frank won dummy’s ace and drew trumps in two rounds, ending in hand. He then led the five of clubs. Lucky Archie shook his head and sneered at Poor Frank’s feeble attempt to get him to rise with the ace.

So, dummy’s queen took the trick.

But now Poor Frank took advantage of Lucky Archie’s duck and quickly cashed the king and queen of diamonds, then played his king of clubs. The Lucky One was now truly endplayed, having to either give Poor Frank a ruff and a sluff or break the heart suit for declarer. Poor Frank soon claimed his game contract for a nice above average board that allowed him to slide ahead of the Lucky One and into first place.

Red Dyeman, sitting East, was beside himself. “Archie, you dolt,” he said. “All you have to do is win your ace of clubs and exit a club or a diamond and declarer has to go down.”

“I thought Frank wanted me to play the ace and that’s why I didn’t,” Archie said, defending himself.

Janet laughed later when Poor Frank told her this story.

“How delicious,” she said. “Let’s call this story ‘The Goose and the Duck.’ I love it. Sometimes life just doesn’t get any better.”

“Actually sharing stories like this with you does make it just a little better,” Poor Frank smiled.

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