The Adventures of Poor Frank, Part CLXXXIV: Fear of Sleeping, Part II

The Adventures of Poor Frank, Part CLXXXIV: Fear of Sleeping, Part II

By Ray Adams

The night following Poor Frank’s traumatic dream in which Lucky Archie had squeezed him, Poor Frank drifted into dreamland once again.

Poor Frank arrived in six hearts via the same method as had Lucky Archie the previous evening. The dream Poor Frank recognized the bidding and the hand, especially after the opening lead of the king of diamonds was made and the dummy laid down. Except, there seemed to be something wrong. But what was it? Poor Frank studied his hand carefully and then he saw it. The ten of diamonds was gone. What could that mean? It looked ominous, but the dream Poor Frank went ahead and played the hand the best he could.

He won the ace of diamonds, drew one round of trumps with the ace, then played the ace of clubs. He tossed one of dummy’s diamonds and ruffed a club. When no king of clubs fell, he ran the trumps, just as the Lucky One had in the previous dream.

The dream West was put under pressure the way Poor Frank had been the night before. West feared an endplay, and in a desperate attempt to prevent this, threw all his high diamonds, coming down to the king and jack of spades, plus the four of diamonds. The dummy was down to the diamond six and the ace and five of spades. Lucky Archie had one spade, the king of clubs, and the nine of diamonds. Poor Frank held the eight of diamonds and the queen and ten of spades.

Poor Frank tried for the endplay, leading a diamond from dummy. But Lucky Archie was able to win the nine of diamonds and send a spade through Poor Frank, putting the contract one down. Once again Poor Frank woke up barely able to stifle a scream.

“As soon as I saw the nine of diamonds come out of Archie’s hand, I knew it was a dream,” he said to Janet the next day. “Archie would never have been clever enough to save that card.”

“Frank,darling,” she said, “have you ever thought that maybe your fear is that of sleeping alone?”

“Hmm,” he said, “you could be right. Then do you think there might be a cure?”

She smiled and him and squeezed his hand.

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