Dear Bridge Buffs, Welcome to Ray’s Bridge Blog! I have been playing bridge for over four decades and wrote a weekly column for my local newspaper for almost twenty of those years. I recently decided I would like to continue my long love affair with bridge by starting this blog. I plan to feature at least one interesting hand a week presented in an article style, with many of them having characters based on real life bridge players. I am open to posting articles by guest bloggers who submit hands and/or articles to me at frankandarchie@yahoo.com These guests blogs would be, of course, subject to my editing. Today I am starting with an article about a player we can all recognize: Poor Frank. Poor Frank is clearly one of the best players in his local club, but he is forever getting poor results due to the pure unadulterated luck of his competition. It is Frank’s bemoaning of this bad luck after the game is over that earned him the nickname of Poor Frank. I hope you all enjoy this first in the Poor Frank series: A Squeeze in Vain. So here’s Poor Frank for your reading pleasure. Hope to see you again in a week. Best wishes, Ray Adams

3 Responses to About

  1. Love the theme….love the stories HBJ


    • poorfrank says:

      Hi Howard, Glad you enjoy the blog. I will try my best to keep a high standard so that you and other readers will continue to enjoy this series. All my best wishes and best of luck at the bridge table, Ray Adams


  2. Good morning Ray
    I run a community website where we live in the village of Darling on the South African west coast. We are in the process of starting a bridge club and I found your website.
    Would you consider allowing me to reproduce one of your bridge hands and articles on my website on a weekly basis, with attribution ?
    I would be grateful if you could contact me and we could discuss if this might be acceptable to you.
    Best regards


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